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Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo valley National park

Covering 1442 Sq. Km, Kidepo valley national park has more than 75 mammal species like black-backed jackal, bat-eared fox, aardwolf, cheetah, Giraffes etc. While, 470 bird species like  Egyptian vulture, Pygmy falcon, Ostrich, Karamoja apalis etc. Therefore, it is the second most diverse national park in Uganda after Queen Elizabeth national park.

How to Access the Park

You can access this national park by road or by air. The nearest route to reach Kidepo is via Gulu and Kitgum which is 570 km. With the challenging terrain, you are also to use a 4*4 vehicle to avoid getting stuck on the way. Travelling back to Kampala, you should try to pass through Pian_Upe wildlife reserve as it has a variety of wildlife that you might have missed in Kidepo Valley.

Kidepo valley national park is the most distant national park close to Kenya and South Sudan. And its is a sparse Karamoja region. Known as the true Africa wilderness, Kidepo valley has a tremendous landscape with grasslands and roamed by big game favorites to visitors.

This only refuge of cheetahs in Uganda has impressive variety of other wildlife species like bat-eared fox, giraffes, buffalo, lion, leopard, spotted hyenas and elephants among others. It is a home to more than 475 bird species like rose ringed parakeets, karamojong apalis ostrich akori bustard,  and many more in this national park.

However, the park has various activities that occur which makes it one of the special destinations in Uganda. Ranging from Narus valley game drive to Kidepo valley game drive, bird watching nature and community walk are more exciting. To learn about the life of the locals outside the park makes the trip exciting. You will learn about life in the local manyattas (homesteads) at Lorukul, Karenga and Kawalakol among others.